Server: Lightbringer (US)

                Abyss Walker is a raiding guild that attempts to strike a line between casual and hardcore. As a guild we have been raiding since the start of Warlords of Draenor and were successfully able to clear all heroic content. With Legion on the horizon, we've moved to Lightbringer in hopes in finding the numbers to put together a stable Mythic roster and start tackling more challenging content. During progression raiding, we raid three nights a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Invites go out at 5:30 PM server time, and we finish around 9:00 PM. First pull will be at 6:00 PM at the latest, but assuming everyone is on time, we prefer to start earlier. We expect all raiders to consistently attend all raids. If you know you're going to miss one or several raids, we would appreciate you let officers know, ideally through the forums. In addition, we expect all raiders to be completely prepared to raid by first pull. This means you've acquired your seals, have all your consumables, and are in the instance ready to go by 9:00 at the latest.


                Obviously real life happens, and we all make mistakes. We're not going to kick someone over a missed flask or an unexpected absence. We will however watch for trends and address these accordingly. We'd like to maintain a friendly raiding atmosphere, but in the name of progression we need to maintain a stable and committed roster.


                Abyss Walker is not going to be your "hard core" raiding guild. We won't raid five nights a week and kick people over single mistakes. We will however do our best to consistently progress through challenging raiding content. If this sounds good to you, we encourage you to apply here on our website, or contact any officer in-game if you have any questions.



Rworwin and Abyss Walker



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